Thursday, December 9, 2010

what boyfriends are for...

on monday night i went to turn on my kitchen and...nothing. it died. great. dylan explained through text how i should go about changing the light on my own... out comes my step ladder and i'm reaching for the light trying to unscrew screws i can't even see while holding the thing that goes over the light (whatever those are called) so it doesn't fall and smash when the screws come out. i got 2 out. one was in too tight. so i got pissed and gave up and grumbled to dylan.

then, then! my bedroom light burnt out when i had taken chloe out for a pee. i couldn't remember if i had turned it off so i pulled the string a bunch of times and came to the conclusion that a second light had burned out. but seeing as i now didn't know whether it was in the on or off position, i didn't want to unscrew and screw a new lightbulb in incase i got electrocuted or something, you know?

so tuesday, i was lightless in my kitchen and bedroom. and i planned on keeping it that way until i felt like i would give it another shot..or until after exams and i went home (december 16th)..i can be a little ridiculous.

so..dylan came up on wednesday morning! and he changed my lights hahah
well he came for a visit and we tried to get some shopping done, but he totally traveled an hour to change my light bulbs ;) that's what boyfriends are for, right?
i'm lucky.

then we watched drop dead fred!!! yaaaa, just like i remember, except with more dirty jokes that i now understand because i'm an adult!

me and chloe (and her belly) saying hi early this morning

oh, and my cousin came over last night for criminal minds and brought her new's so flippin' adorable!!
 i know, i know really bad quality. but look at that face!! she's about 9 weeks now i think and a shih-poo. i die

anywho, thanks to dyldog for changing my light or i would probably still be you!


Beth said...

aw, i love drop dead fred. i used to watch it all the time when i was little. the lady that played the mom was on The Middle last night and i got really excited.

i'm sure if i watched it now, i too, would understand more of the jokes.

Unknown said...

Reading about your light dilemma is hilarious :) Don't worry I'm laughing WITH you not AT you. Your voice is hilarious in this post :)
And I LOVE that you sit around in your robe and knee high sock! I do the same thing!! :P

Misty Michelle said...

HAHAHA!!! yes... this is why God made men.. to change light bulbs, tell us we're pretty and to snuggle up with us at night! :)

Cute story!!

Katie said...

LOL! Whenever my lights burn out im totally lost because I dont know what watt to put in them.
I love when my boyfriend comes to my school to vist I usually have something for him to help me with.

Nikki Jo said...

What a good boyfriend!!

Seriously Drop Dead Fred and Mrs. Doubtfire are AMAZING for jokes that you never got when you were little! I could not believe that he went under her mother's legs and was like "COBWEBS!". I guess I missed that at the age of 5 haha,

daniela said...

I battled with my bedroom light a few nights ago b/c I had no idea how to take the cover off w/o breaking it!!! I finally have light though LOL

I do sometimes miss the usefulness of a boy - whether it be for lightbulbs or cuddles :( Does Dylan have a brother?...

ps: I just gave you an award on my blog, check it out :)

Unknown said...

Aw how nice of him to come over and help you! I can relate because my bf was over the other night and was complaining that my coffee table legs were really loose (I didn't even notice, shows where my priorities are), and he was like "I'm going to fix that" and came over another day and tightened the legs for me lol. I love guys that are handy bc I'm completely useless in that dept

Hey Barbie said...

AWWWWW, you and your puppy look so cute!!!! PS. Congrats on graduating in the near future!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Haha, whenever my hubby goes out of town I worry that something like that will happen!

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