Monday, December 13, 2010

meeting bakerella!

last saturday (december 4th), the one and only bakerella was in toronto for her book signing! (i waited to post this because i wanted to see if a better picture of me and my mom would be on her site.) my mom came up for the day and ended up sleeping over too. we headed on over to williams somona and everyone was handed a number for later. i'm guessing there was about 100 people there. she came out and gave a little talk and then did a Q&A session. she was so cute and said she wasn't used to the cold and had bought her first scarf! ha! did you know she also has a regular full time job? wow. anyway, after the talk, everyone lined up for their pictures and book signing.

 look at the cute little 'canadian' style cake pops-apparently someone brought them to her!
couldn't save the image, but we made it onto her flickr page! 
(my face looks so chubby in these pictures,,blah-certain angles i should say!)
 i don't know why this isn't rotating properly...
also, you can check out her post on toronto here; she did a signing at Teatro Verde too and she has some pictures.  it's such a great store, i love, love going in there.
after bakerella, we shopped around, ate some dinner and came home and changed into our comfies. we had nachos and cheese, caramel/white chocolate covered apples (from this place-to die for), and hot chocolate and watched 2 christmas movies-1 being a made for tv movie and the other being the holiday :)


Sarah Ann said...

Oh how exciting!! :) And you do not look chubby!!

Hey Barbie said...

Sounds like a great girls day with just you, your mom, and ur adorable puppy!!!

Jen said...

What a perfect day!! And that book would be a great gift for someone!

Summer Athena said...

oh how i wish i had been there with you!

Gabby said...

How fun! I love Bakerella! And you look gorgeous :)

Blicious said...

OMG!!!!!! i just tried making cake pops! yum!!


Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

Lucky girl! I wish I'd been able to go by and get her to sign my book, but I couldn't make it. Nice pics of you and your mom :)

Has it inspired you to get creative with your own cake pops? :)

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