Wednesday, December 8, 2010

remembering the 90' through tv shows...

the whole cartoon facebook picture got me thinking about my favorite cartoons as a kid. (and also remembering my my favorite 90's movies was fun, so i thought why not tv shows too?) i wish i could randomly catch some of them on tv some days. also, the last little while i've wondered to myself, gosh, there's just no commercials for kids toys on tv probably has something to do with the fact that i don't watch the disney channel or YTV or nickelodeon or any of those other kids channels...yes that would be it... ha..the odd time i do watch something on those channels, i'm reminded that, yes, kids toy commercials do still exist.
moving along...
the smoggies-man did i love this show!! the little suntots spent their time protecting their island from the smoggies. i guess i was about protecting the environment even as a kid ;)
bobby's world-another one that i loved. i always used to do the impression of the mom, "don'tcha know?" also, me and dylan passed (and i kind of stopped and stared) howie mandel in toronto about 2 weeks ago (he was the voice if you didn't know, and the host of 'deal or no deal')
today's special-it was about a mannequin that came to life when someone said "hocus pocus alimagocus"-and he had a magic hat too. good times.
oh pingu. i wasn't a total fan of this show, but i still watch it came on the odd time.
rugrats-i totally had no idea this show aired until 2004?!
hey arnold! i don't really remember this one, but i know i always watched it...

recess-this one ran later in the 90's than i thought, but nonetheless, remember watching it saturday mornings in bed.

any of these ring a bell? i know some are canadian so they may not be familiar to all of you. but anyways, i had forgotten about so many of these!


Amy said...

You can catch them randomly! I live in Gatineau and have Videotron cable (it totally sucks in comparison to Rogers because we have half the channels, but Videotron is the Rogers substitute)
BUT! There is a channel called Teletoon Retro. I'm sure if I get it in Quebec Ontario certainly does. Look for it, it plays more 80s cartoons like Inspector Gadget, the Smurfs, Beetlejuice, Alvin, Jetsons, Yogi Bear... but it's still awesome.
I LOVED the Smoggies, and Bobby's World and RugRats. My personal FB profile choice was Care Bears.

Beth said...

I used to watch Bobby's World in the mornings before school. And the Rugrats were the bomb.

I loved ALL the nickelodeon shows in the 90's. Clarissa, AYAOTD, RoundHouse, Pete and Pete, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts.

And the shows that used to come on NBC on Saturday mornings. City Guys, Hang Time, One World.

Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

Oh man, this brings back memories. I loved all those shows.

Did you know that "Today's Special" was set and partially filmed in the Simpson's Department Store...which is now the big The Bay store on Queen Street. A little Toronto trivia for your this morning :)

Kristen said...

Oh I loved Bobby's World, Recess, Rugrats and Hey Arnold!

I totally forgot about Today's Special!

Fun stuff!

Unknown said...

Hey Bree,
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog I love to see new names and faces! I'm now a follower of yours!


Unknown said...

haha. this is fun. this brings back memories for sure. i only remember rugrats, recess and hey arnold but for some reason i remember watching bobby's world but i can't picture what it was about...but i know i watched it. weird. thanks for this!
xoxo, jamie

Laura Darling said...

Bobby's World! I had forgotten about that show! I can still hear his mom's accent and voice in my head! Too funny!

Annie said...

i totally forgot about bobby's world as well but i do remeber watching it. hey arnold and rugrats were two of my favorites, i watched them every day. and i also remember watching recess when i more than likely much too old to be watching it. i think i watched it through high school, haha!! i do have a sister that is 9 years younger than me so i still watch cartoons and disney shows ;) ha!

Unknown said...

I totally watched Rugrats and Hey Arnold and Recess too - and Pepper Ann! Remember that Sat morning special on some channel (maybe ABC?) that aired all those cartoons? And Fri nights it was like, Boy Meets World and stuff? Sigh, the days before responsibilities when you could laze around all day on non=school days lol

Chelsea @ two twenty one said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Let me know how the chocolate pretzel rings turn out when/if you make them! :)

I LOVED Recess and Hey Arnold! Saturday morning cartoons aren't like how they used to be... *sigh*

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