Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i baked & i ate...

there was no messin' around this weekend. me and my mom baked steady. saturday morning started out with deciding what we wanted to bake this year and then going out to buy all the ingredients. we decided on 13 different things. then we started with the 4 types of squares first. well 3 squares and 1 tart.
 the ingredients, and not even all of it.
maple walnut tarts; chunky cheesecake brownies; peanut butter squares; chocolate caramel bars

sunday was the long day. i woke up around 8:30 and walked downstairs and my mom was making the icing for the tarts, so i iced them. then that started the day. after a quick latte, we were ready to go. we made all 3 doughs for the cookies were making that day first, then started baking. after cleanup, we finished at 7:50pm. we made 18 dozen cookies that day, no joke.
 a few shortbread cookies, candy cane cookies (before going in the oven)-my favorite; and butterscotch eggnog stars with eggnog icing.

after we finished with those 18 dozen cookies, we made 2 more doughs for the next day. we were almost finished...
butter horns in the making; butter horns; lemon crescents and gingerbread men.

since 2 of the 3 doughs were already made, we were done in no time; actually we done by 1pm. we then went out to the mall and ran a few errands. we still have 3 more things which we're making, but we're doing those much closer to christmas-white chocolate peppermint bark, coconut macaroons, and frogs.
what an exhausting but fun weekend.

apologies for the shotty pictures. a better camera is coming soon ;)
so now i'm back in toronto and i've got my freezer stocked with goodies. school is almost done and i'll be home for a good 3 weeks after that :)

also, i'm pretty sure my parents thought i was absolutely crazy for wanting pictures of all the finished products..keep in mind, they don't know about the blog, no one does except dylan. i've got a recipe journal and i haven't decided if i'm adding pictures to everything yet, so i just told them that i wanted pictures of everything just in case any of these recipes end up in my journal and i decide i want pictures haha.


Beth said...

hot damn! those look way too delish!

Unknown said...

these pictures just made me want to go out and buy tons of sweets. they all look so good!
xoxo, jamie
p.s. i kinda wish none of my family or friends knew about my blog...i'm a little envious.

Lena said...

My goodness! That all looks great, but who eats ALL of it? Lol

Kristen said...

Yum, if you have extras feel free to send it my way!

Unknown said...

My husband knows about my blog, and one friend knows about the blog. When I'm blogging at work (on lunch) or responding to comments, or whatever, I always tell my mom I'm writing an email to "a friend".

Unknown said...

p.s. i left you an award on my blog!
xoxo, jamie

paddle to shore said...

OHHHH!! I love desserts, those all look soooo good.

Katie said...

wow I cant believe you made that many cookies!! I make 2 batches and I'm already bored and ready to do something else.
Looks like you had fun, and they look yummy!

chelsea rebecca said...

my heart just skipped a beat. this might be the worlds greatest baking post ever!! so many good treats!!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

wow! these all look soo amazing!!

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