Thursday, December 2, 2010

my grown up christmas list...

what do i want for christmas? just one thing...

i ran the thought by my mom (because lets be real, she does the shopping) a month or two ago. got a feel for her reaction. my parents have asked me why not a canon (they're canon lovers), and my mom's told me to send her the link to the camera. so i pretty much know i'm getting it. and i.can't.wait. considering my mom is a picture-holic, she'll love using this too. and dylan; it's really a camera for us. but knowing my mom, she won't be able to just have me open one thing on christmas, so i'm sure there's other little gifts she's bought, even though i told her this is all i want.
i'm sure everyone reading this will appreciate the better quality pictures that are to come ;) 
i think i may go back to a two column blog so i can have bigger pictures (or have dylan figure out how to make it wider so i can stay with 3 columns, but still have bigger pictures).

pretty short list, huh?
what's on yours?


Amy said...

if you figure out how to make it wider with 2 columns let me know!
I'm so jealous your parents will spend that much on you for Christmas. I'm saving like a mofo to get this camera, but saving in December is like wishing for snow in July. Not going to happen. I'm hoping to get it by February!

Beth said...


Beth said...

ps... amazon has a great deal right now. if you buy the camera for $599, and buy another lense they give you $100 off. so i got an additional lense for $70 instead of $170!!

pps.. i didn't mean to shout in my first comment, i'm just really excited. :))

L A C E Y said...

yay! that's exciting. you'll have so much fun with that. i got a nikon d3000 in september and i'm still trying to figure it out! :)

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