Monday, November 22, 2010

the season is here...

saturday morning started out with decorating my place for christmas!
chloe helped us along the way; covered in garland, snowflake hanging from the nose, an acorn wreath on her head and gnawing on a candy cane
 empty bare tree...
all prettied up
silver snowflakes and paper ones too on the windows.
the left photo: i wrapped the 2 frames i have on my wall. right photo: that's a wrapped cherrios box (flattened) and a victoria's secret bag haha. they still need bows, they're lookin' a little plain..i just haven't bought them yet.
 walking through yorkville to the 'holiday magic' event
 yorkville; all lit up and pretty
 starbucks and free gingerbread cookies
ivana santilli-some canadian artist. she was good, but too much regular music and not enough christmas music

then we came back and ate our delicious red velvet cake. it was sad to see the last piece go. i think the people at the bakery were a little surprised to hear that it was just for the two of us when we picked it up. what can i say? we love our red velvet cake.
 pure cream cheese icing. no buttercream crap here.


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, Chloe looks so cute all decorated for Christmas!

Unknown said...

look at chloe all ready for the holidays!
i love your place...and wrapping a cheerios box is very creative! i may have to copy that!
you look cute!
xoxo, jamie

Annie said...

your place is very festive and looking great! :)
sounds like you had a fun outting on the town and that cake looks delicious!!!

Eva said...

wow yumm that looks good.
also your tree looks great, and what a good idea to put presents on the wall!

Brittany said...

The cake looks delish and I love love love that you wrapped your pictures! :) and the cheerio box adn vs bag! :) So creative!!

Brianna! said...


kebowman said...

HOLY COW!! that cake looks so good!!!!

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