Tuesday, November 23, 2010

santa claus was here!

sunday funday. the santa claus parade. when i took chloe out for her pee in the morning around 8am, it was snowing!! i couldn't believe it. it didn't stay once it hit the ground, but for about an hour or two, the air was full of flurries. santa brought the snow with him and i was so happy.
it seemed to take forever for the parade to start and by the time it did, our feet were absolutely freezing. the rest of our bodies-super toasty, just the damn toes. so we watched a few marching bands and floats then decided to go home for a bit to warm up. thanks to the toronto santa claus parade app, it tracked santa along the route. so once i saw that he was getting close, we headed back out and within 5 minutes, there was the BIG MAN himself, waving to everyone!
 bundled up


 santa's workshop! here's near...
there he is!! yaaa!!
 so happy. it's officially ok to start living and breathing christmas for the next 32 days :)


Sarah Ann said...

I'm not jealous of the cold but I'm extremely jealous of the snow!! We hardly ever get it here in SC!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Omg! I love all the pictures!

Unknown said...

you have snow now! you look all cute bundled up! where did you get your coat?
xoxo, jamie

V said...

I really am envious that you got to attend this! And I love love love that first picture of you two, adorable.

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