Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween!! and i dressed up as a......

oh man, halloween, halloween. it was a good time. the fact that dylan and i won BEST COSTUME at the bar made it even better. $100 ain't bad! we went to a dive bar with a few friends (a few opted out at the last minute because of work the next morning and not feeling good-BOO to you!) and danced the night away. a few of you got it right when i asked if anyone had any guesses as to what i was going to be with that teaser picture. a bride..a DEAD bride, with my groom too. i felt like i LOADED on the black eye shadow, but it didn't look like as much in pictures as it did in real life. i have a feeling this will be a lot of pictures...feel free to click and enlarge to get a nice look at my lovely neck!
first off, a few of the 55 cake pops i made. delicious, like usual. except the edible black pen didn't work well, so i couldn't draw faces very good!
 death by slit neck
can i just say i loved my hair!? even though i know it will be a nightmare to wash out due to crazy teasing action (no, i haven't washed it yet...)
my handsome groom
 the best 'dead' face i could do

 i'm already dead, it's not nice to bite...
that's a wig on the left, don't worry. (that's also dylan's roomate)
 a bubble bath!
 you have glass in your face. FYI...
 besties..lick blood off each other?
 waiting in line in very cold weather..the hick gave her his shirt, don't worry
 just being dead

 tossing the bouquet. enlarge this picture and please look at her face. terrified to be married next if she catches it haha hilarity
 i've gone koo-koo
 whip that hair

so, i loved our costumes. i got my dress at a random store on yonge st, a real vintage dress for $38 which fit to a T. it was perfect. me and diana (cleopatra) cut it up and stood in my backyard with a bucket of water and soil and dirtied the dress a few weeks ago haha she sewed the veil from ripped pieces and the flowers and blood was from value village-it was a cheap costume over all! i think i'll be something dead more often for halloween. it's fun.
also, i think i'll curl my hair every once in a while..i really liked it. it just takes so long.


Kristen said...

Great costumes, I can see why you won!

Your hair looks cute curly :-)

daniela said...

Your costume was amazing!! Hell ya you won the contest!!

And you are def allowed to say you love your hair b/c it looks spectacular!! But i can only imagine how long that took...My hair doesn't hold so i've quit trying to get too fancy with it :(

Brittany said...

freakin awesome! I love it!! :)))

Xo said...

You guys looked awesome!! Your slit neck looked freakishly real!! My best friend and her boyfriends went as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth and they won best costumes! So cool!

Hey Barbie said...

You all look so great! Looks like you had a fun time!

Ashleigh said...

You guys looked so amazing..I loved the stage makeup and dress you found - I swear, you and Dylan are too cute! If I ever run into you ...dont be surprised if I pinch both your cheeks..haha.. just not THAT crazy

Kate ☮ said...

I love your costume! The bubble bath one is really funny/cute

Katie said...

love your hair and costume!!!! I was just talking to steve on saturday on my drive home to my parents that next yr i wanna be something creepy like a dead bride!! ahah thats too funny!
You guys totally deserved to win!

Harley said...

How did you manage pulling off scary and sexy at the same time?!?

I LOVE the hair!!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

sweet costume! and your cake pops look delish. i tried to make some for the first time for my halloween party...but i didnt have time to finish. boo. and yours are ADORABLE!

Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

Your costume looks GREAT! And I love the hair and the makeup! It looks so good on you (even if it took ALOT to wash out!)

Congrats on winning best costume! Which bar did you guys end up going to?

Brianna! said...

FANTASTIC costumes dear!
I LOVE the Bubble Bath


V said...

OMG you werent kidding! That is such an AMAZING couple costume! Hottie with a hottie! such a great idea!

Lived With Love said...

you two look amazing!!

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