Tuesday, November 2, 2010

top 2 tuesday-favorite gifts

i've never done a 'top 2 tuesday' before, but i figured i would give it a go this week.
top 2 favorite gifts you have received

1) a ring i got from dylan
we had been dating for about a year and a half and were going to NYC (our first time together) so we decided we wanted to get rings for each other. not really promise rings, as i don't even know exactly what those are supposed to mean, but really just rings. we picked each others rings out at Tiffany's online first and then we went to the store once we got there. we both wear ours everyday and i love them.

2) everything that makes my apartment livable
my parents bought pretty much everything to go into my apartment. so that's a pretty awesome gift. i couldn't really live properly without a couch, a bed, tables, dressers etc, ya know? i'm also very lucky that they pay my cable, internet and phone bill every month..the gift that keeps on giving.
back when i first moved in, obviously. see... very tiny!!

to join in, link up to Taylor's Top 2 Tuesday


Kit said...

I love your rings that you all got! My parents got me all of the things that make my house livable too! PArents are great!

Unknown said...

I love how all the boys are working while you "manage" in the pic. That's great!

Harley said...

WOW those are nice rings! I think Scrubs might think it was weird if I gave him a ring, but those are really beautiful.

Unknown said...

Nice gifts! Love the rings!

Brianna! said...

really pretty rings

I think I'm just about ready for a new ring...after 4 years:) What do you think???!!???

I'm waiting VERY patiently


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