Tuesday, September 7, 2010

random updates...

ok, so i thought i would just tie up some loose ends in this post...i guess you could say?

i never went to go see Adriana Lima at the opening of the new VS like i thought i might. plans didn't work out, but it was just as well. someone tweeted a photo of the lineup, and it was insane!! i had expected that, but to actually see it, wow, i'm so glad we didn't go! i don't want to see a supermodel that badly haha

dylan and i never ended up watching Inception yesterday. we watched Silent Hill instead. i'm gonna venture out and say worst movie ever. we watched about an hour of it and gave up. it was awful and laughable. i still do want to see Inception one day.

when i had mentioned that i loved florence and the machine, someone had asked a few of my favorite songs. i had first found her through the eat, pray, love trailer with her song dog days are over. after that, i got the whole cd and fell in love. a few of my other favorites are: drumming song; 
hurricane drunk;
cosmic love;
heavy in your arms (probably my #1);
addicted to love
*these links will take you to the songs on youtube*
really, the whole darn cd is just awesome.

and i completed my goal of reading 12 books this summer! the first 10 i read, you can see here. then i read 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell; it sucked! i was thinking it would be 4 friends in NYC, instead it was 4 separate stories and i was just not impressed by this book. lastly, i read Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner. it was a fiction book and actually not bad. my mom had gotten it from the library and told me to read it when she finished it because she thought i would like it. it was definitely an easy read, but still about a crime scene.
and now, i just started lucky #13. we'll see if i can finish it before i start school. it's called The Dead Janitors Club by Jeff Klima. it's a memoir of a guy who cleaned crime scenes. i'm only 50 pages in, but so far, the way he writes is quite funny, so i think this will be a good book. also, the reviews were good too.

so, that's that! just thought i would give a little update, that's all!


LovelyBee said...

I really want to see Inception but I cannot stand English movies dubbed in french! I really need to get my behind back to Canada!

Unknown said...

Inception is really good! You must watch soon! I also love Florence and the Machine now - I like Between Two Lungs and You've Got the Love. She has such a unique voice!

Brittany said...

:) we are reading sisters! I have read SOOO much this summer its rediculous! :)

I'll have to pick your mind for books in the future!!!!

Sarah said...

LOVE Florence and the Machine!!


Blicious said...

12 books!!! holy cow! thats awesome!


Alicia said...

i've never heard of silent hill, but it doesn't sound like i'm missing much!! and i'm dying to see inception!!

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