Saturday, September 4, 2010

last & general...random things about ME!

Last ...
... song you heard: according to iTunes, Vagabond by Wolfmother (from 500 days of summer soundtrack-great song and soundtrack!)
... movie you saw: away we go ..had never heard of it but it was really quite good. very 500 days of summer-ish (which i absolutely loved) in my opinion; both a little slow, but not boring at all, ya know?
... food you ate: watermelon for breakfast
... hug: dylan
... kiss: chloe ;)
... feeling: really cold; all the windows are open, i'm in sweatpants and a sweater and i'm's only about 14 degrees right now
... travel: NYC!
... joy: right now? pumpkin spice latte..even though i'm not drinking one
... Dream: hmm, i can't remember..i know i had one though
... person you met: ran into my grandparents at the mall with my mom yesterday
... person who texted you: dylan
... time you ate a 7 Eleven hot dog: probably...NEVER
... time you were outdoors: about an hour ago, letting chloe out for her morning pee in the backyard
... time you and you family had dinner together: last night; we do every night..we always have (well except when i'm in toronto of course)
... thing you bought: 2 tops from h&m (they were $13 and $15 dollars, can't beat that). oh, and my mom bought me a fall 'military inspired'? (i guess?) jacket yesterday and an autumn spice candle. it smells amazing.

General ...
* Will be fun: the big flea market in a few weeks; more vendors than usual for a big fall show.
* Will not be fun: ummm sitting in the salon next week for 2.5 hours. the chairs are so uncomfortable. the only good thing is the head massage!
* Saving for: how about everything? i try not to spend too much money now-a-days. i'm getting closer and closer to having to pay back my student loans and they are ridiculous.
* Wish I was better at: getting school work done  in advance. i need to kick procrastination in the butt.
* Drink of the day: mostly drink water.
* Missing: the structure of school and classes from september to april.
* Three band/singers: right now-florence and the machine; the temper trap and every song on 500 days of summer soundtrack :P
* What have you done today: ate watermelon, made a coffee, read. gimme a break, it's 10:18am!
* Do you swear a lot: no, not really. i just don't like it. when the odd word slips out, i feel weird haha
* How early do you get up: typically about 8am
* On the weekends: usually the same time
* What are you doing tonight: not sure yet, i think it's supposed to rain
* How many hours do you sleep pr. night: 7-9?
* Best thing that happend last summer: nyc? as per usual
* Favorite piece of clothing in you closet right now: well, i like my new tops i got. but i've been wearing zip up sweaters steady because it's been a bit cool
* Hight: 5'2" i think
* Weight: ummm pass!
* Changes happily wardrobe with: probably Lauren Conrad or Rachel Bilson
* Pants or skirt: pants
* Last unfinished book: Sophie's World it's probably the only book i haven't finished. i started it 2 years ago in the summer and then school started and i never finished it. it was actually really good and i think i'm going to start over and read it again next!
* Your bedroom an be described as: in toronto? gosh i don't know. 3 coffee (?) colored walls and 1 plum wall, plum bedding and all black furniture and frames and such... that wasn't a very good answer.
* You, in three words (right now): cold, tired, bored
* You work out : not enough
* When you were young you wanted to be: a marine biologist, and a teacher (didn't everyone?)

i thought since i missed a post yesterday, i would do this one today (taken from Carina)


Hepburn Hilton said...

Sophie' world is really good :) You know, that author is Norwegian. I has another book which I think is better though called the Solitaire Mystery. I recommend it! It's in the same spirit as Sophie's World.

Lived With Love said...

Love this! :D

LovelyBee said...

i love Florence and the Machine as well; that girl has the most soulful voice I've heard in ages. How good is that spiced pumkin latte? Seriously, everyone is raving about it!

Nikolett said...

Mmm, you're making me crave a Pumpkin Spice Latte right about now! The weather dropped so suddenly from crazily hot to ridiculously cold in Ontario, I'm not liking it!

And I've only heard a few songs by Florence and the Machine but the ones I've heard I love - any recommendations? Enjoy the long weekend :)

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