Wednesday, September 15, 2010

back to the grind..aka school

school started back on tuesday! it's nice to get back into a routine and it's also my last year. yay! after 2 years of college and what will be 4 years of university, i think i am ready to be done for a bit. i've got 4 credits left and they all happen to be half credits; so i'm taking 8 classes. it happened to be 3 classes this term, and 5 the next. i wish it was 4 and 4, but that's just the way it worked out. no biggie, really.

i'm pretty excited about all my classes (even thought i don't remember what i have next term haha) but the ones this term are going to be pretty interesting, at least they seem that way to far. i'm taking one about law and psychiatry, one about crime and the mind and another about the sociology of mental health. criminal minds anyone?? haha i'm sure they will be challenging, and i will be complaining more than once, but i hope not too much!

my bone to pick? i've got all coursepacks this term. which are bundles put together by a copying store of all photocopied articles. there is no real textbook with color, graphs, photos etc. i like textbooks. i despise coursepacks. half the time, the pages come out or the binding comes undone because they are so thick.
i mean, i get the point of them. profs do it to 'save us money' because they could assign us a textbook and we may use 10/15 chapters for example and then paying for those 5 unused chapters is a waste. whereas a coursepack is put together just for our course and we are reading every single thing in it. but i still hate it. OR sometimes profs will put all the readings strictly online; and there is far too much to print it out. not only does it strain my eyes to read a tonne on a computer screen, but i can't highlight anything!! i like to have things physically in front of me...ok, i'll end that little rant here. bottom line-i like textbooks, they look much nicer on a shelf than a stupid coursepack of photocopied articles.

now what do i want to do when i finish? i still haven't a clue..i'll cross that bridge when i get there. i'm hoping these classes will give me a little more insight into what i like and what i don't like so much. it's scary to know that i will have so much money to pay back next year and to not know what kind of job i will be able to get. i think about it all the time, and honestly, it makes me sick.

yes, yes i do; via

anyway, i'll enjoy my last year and that's that. now it's time to run to class! i haven't had a morning class since, oh, first year?? damn you 8am alarm!


LovelyBee said...

Good luck on your first class of the day; Wow! I haven't had an 8 am class since high school :)

Sarah said...

I'm a tad jealous of everyone going back to school for the first day, I miss it!

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on school! :)

Blicious said...

study away!!! ugh, thats one thing i dont miss.

good luck!


Brittany said...

Good luck lovely! Maybe you should paint your fingernails like watermellon! That would make me happy! :)) I loved that in the picture!

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