Thursday, September 16, 2010


my computer told me it would like a little update today. so i said "ok" and it went to town.
then when it started back up, my computer taskbar looked like it went back to 1999. not ok. 
what did it do; un-update? 
i couldn't figure it out.
then my blackberry was showing a constant bbm smiley face, when i don't have a new message.
oh, and my trackball on my blackberry doesn't like to scroll down.
and facebook doesn't like to load on it.
or the weather network. 
i'm still waiting for an iphone, but apple is terrible is sends out 5 at a time to rogers. bullsh*t.
people still line up hours before stores open to get one.
1.5 months after it came out.
i will not be that person.
apple has approximately 14 days before i give up and buy something other than the iphone.
as if they care.
then i restarted my computer after 20 minutes of trying to figure things out; it went back to normal.
i restarted my phone, and it went back to normal.
it's raining today.
i have to go to class later.
just one of those days...
can i go back to bed and restart my whole day?

also, i've got another post about tiff i was supposed to do today, but i'm waiting for my friend to email a few pictures from her camera because she got some better shots. and she hasn't done that yet! get on it diana!! so hopefully that will be tomorrow.


LovelyBee said...

Technology is so weird sometimes! That happened to me too yesterday! I don't know man ;)

Unknown said...

my computer did that once! freaked me sounded like you were in better control than i was.
wish i could have restarted today too.
hope the rest the day works out!
xoxo, jamie

Jessi said...

Technology can be horrible sometimes. I just installed new antivirus stuff and now my internet is suuuper slow. Weird.

Have a great weekend!

Brittany said...

Seriously when my comp is in the funk I am a crabby BiYatch!

Sometimes I want to scrap it all

but then I know i am a tad bit obsessed, and could never in a million years do that! :)

Hope you get your iphone!

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