Friday, August 20, 2010

let me upgrade you...

my room at my parents place is in the process of getting an upgrade. even though i'm typically only here a couple nights a month during the school year, my parents basically gave the whole house a make over and since they offered to include my room, i couldn't turn it down. the walls were a pastel-ish purple with a blue comforter that faded to aqua and lime green bed skirt and curtains. yes, i had it like that for along time! it was time for a change.

my walls are now a dark gray; dark brown wood flooring has replaced rose colored carpet, and my bed set is now almost like a burlap color with black patterned swirls on it. my dad painted my 3 small wall shelves black and i also just got a tall black bookshelf to replace my overcrowded small bookshelf.
since that description of my bed sounded terrible, here's a picture; the walls are a tad darker in real life..

now, i need all new pictures to put up and haven't had any luck finding anything i like/want/something that catches me eye. then it just came to me..i've been seeing picture frame collages around the web and i love it. so that is now my plan for above my bed. something similar to these 2 photos below.
via apartment therapy- you may want to click that link to see the rest of the house-seriously amazing.

as long as the weather is decent on sunday morning, i think i'm going to head on over to the flea market again and look for a bunch of frames. my plan is to paint/spray paint them all black, but depending on what i find, that may change. and hopefully they will all be in the $2-$3 price range, because i will be needing quite a few.

anyways, it's another friday already and i can't believe it. enjoy the weekend!


Brittany said...

I am in love with your comforter! I had one similar in FL, but left it for my dad, since it was starting to fade, and wasn't worth moving from FL back to MN!

I had a photo collage at my last apartment, and I want to do another one at my next!

chiarabella said...

your old room sounds like my room at my parents' place! i decorated it when i was 16/17 = purple walls, silver ceiling and purple/green comforter (actually the comforter isn't that old).

i am in love with your revamped bedroom - that comforter is beautiful! so sophisticated.

dating diva said...

Wow those apartment pictures are so beautiful- I would love to have an apartment like that one day. I just started following your blog too, it's really cute! Can't wait to read more!!


Katie said...

I really love your new bed its soooo my style!!! and those apartment pictures are so nice. Since I moved into my new house with 5 other girls our house needs some serious wall hangings!!!

ReeBz said...


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVE the walls. That color is gorgeous!

Hepburn Hilton said...

I love gray walls! Maybe a bit lighter color though..And you inspo pictures for the picture wall are fierce! Let us know how the result works our :)

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