Thursday, July 8, 2010

private beach awesome-ness

saturday morning started around 9am..we got up and had some mimosas..mmmm ;)
as the cork flew out, i got scared, therefore i jumped and a blurry pic was the result....
our awesome view (we stayed in collingwood, in the winter all those hills are used for snowboarding/skiing etc)
the cottage that we stayed with had a private  beach, mind you it was a 15 minute drive-which was a little odd to me..but it great. there were only a few other people on the 'beach' (i say that in quotes because there was no sand lol) and the water was so shallow, you could walk over a hundred feet and it would still only be at your knees.
actually, only 5 out of the 18 of us went to the private beach, the others went to the public beach..but i think ours was better ;)
clearly loving life at this moment
cheers!--home from the beach for dinner
corn is absolutely necessary when camping/cottaging

we also played another bocce ball tournament, but sadly, dylan and i didn't too far this to that. then we all hung around on the balcony and did cottage-y things until it was time to hit the bunks (yes, we all slept in double bunk beds haha)
all of the girls of the trip...notice lola sleeping on cute! *i'm a blonde in a sea of brunettes*

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Summer Athena said...

ohhh! I love these pics and a private nice.

on our honeymoon, we went to several private beaches and it was heaven.

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