Friday, July 9, 2010

i'm going on a picnik...

sunday morning, much like the previous morning, we got up early and headed the beach-wasaga beach this time! it was about a half hour drive from where we stayed. the last time i had been there was after high school graduation. there's volleyball tournaments, beer tents, shops, restaurants and a bunch of other things all along the strip.
the beach got very crowded very quickly! temperatures were reaching the 40s and the heat was pretty unbearable at times...
ahh, i'm topless! (not)
walking along the strip...
smores time!! i was waiting all weekend for this! 
so so so so damn good. i could have eaten a tonne, but i was well aware i would be in a bathing suit again the next morning haha
 monday morning-very upset it's our last few hours. we packed up the car and 4 of us went to the private beach, while the others went back to the public one.
ahh so relaxing
having some fun-not a single other sole was on the beach this was grand
caught mid run..happy even though the sun kept going into hiding..

overall, it was such a good getaway! good friends, good food, good beaches, great weather, great times! however, the last day i forgot to wear sunscreen (even though i'm fair, i only wear Hawaiian tropic 4 and never burn). once we left the beach (i fell asleep by myself on the towel for a good 1/2 hour) and got in the car, the pain started. i thought i was just a little burned, but in quite a bit in pain. my back and tops of my thighs (where i missed the sunscreen the previous days) were almost on fire. when i got home and looked in the mirror-sheer horror-OMG i don't think i had ever been that red in my life! i took a cold shower and it looked like i was wearing a perma-white bikini haha i seriously couldn't even walk up stairs; actually i could barely walk in general. luckily, i kept my face covered with a hat, so that just tanned and didn't burn. and thankfully, 3 days later, the burn has turned into a nice tan, for the most part. **never forget sunscreen!!**


Katie said...

"temperatures were reaching the 40s" I was like what?!! In canada you use a different measuring system right?!

Dree said...

Oh my goodness, I love your pictures! It looks like you had a fantastic time. I couldn't take 40 degree heat- our highs are like 24! LOL.

Amanda - Small Home Big Start said...

Wasaga! Last time I was there was for our after-prom weekend in high school. Looks like you guys had a fantastic long weekend. And perfect beach weather (even if it was a bit on the hot side).

Annah said...

I love the pics! And that bikini is fantabulous :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVE the pics. That bikini is so cute and I love the jumping pic. So fun!

Brianna! said...

Looks like such a blast:)

You're too cute

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