Thursday, September 3, 2009

sportin some lovely curlers..

a week or two ago, i told dylan i used to sit on my bedroom floor and my mom would put sponge rollers in my hair at night...then i thought about it and i figured i still had them at home. i went home and dug them out-success! except some where in pretty bad shape, so i got 2 packages of 10 at the dollar store the other night..ive just been waiting for a night to do it (umm i mean my mom to do it lol) yes, i still cant do it on my own..

how is this going to look tomorrow? i have no could be really good or really bad; i think my hair may still be a tad to short, like i need another 3 inches or so...but, we will soon find out..

lol these pictures make me laugh..a little embarassing...

sleeping with a bandana will hopefully keep some frizzies away...i hope this turns out decent, if not, ill just have to wash it out and wait until my hair grows..sigh

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