Thursday, September 3, 2009

does a little number matter? that no one sees but you?
well the other day, i had to go shopping with my mom for an outfit for a bridal shower i have coming up at the end of the month..i figured i could just get something cheap at forever 21, and if i wear it again, great, if not, thats ok-bc it probably would have been under $30 anyways...but when they had nothing, i tried costa blanca; usually a pretty good store for some clothes when youre going out, not really planning on wearing them a tonne of times, you know...
so i grab a bunch of things, a few dresses, tops, skirts etc (all in my normal size) and head into the changeroom....hmmm, first dress-way to snug-OUT
next skirt in my size-again, soo tight-so i went up a size. still made me look quite large and puffy..i was unhappy...i wouldnt go up another size---stupid i know, but i was getting upset. even none of the tops were really all that flattering..the only thing i walked out with was a chunky, knit grey sweater with buttons and a tie..ha i guess thats the only thing that fit lol
needless to say, i was in a bad mood and felt much bigger than i am (i think their mirrors are even a little distorted..theyre certainly not the ones some stores have that make you look great!)

anyways, we decided to stop in RW&CO, bc even though you may pay a little more in there, the quality is better (and by no means is it even an expensive store)...i still wasnt finding much in there, and seeing as the dress idea was out, i decided to try on some pants..a nice pair of black, straight leg/skinny leg? dress mom brings me 3 pairs into the change room (size 00,0 and 2) and here im thinking shes crazy bc at the other store, i looked like a stuffed sausage in size 4; but ill do it anyways...what do you ends up being the 00 i get...weird, but i felt better as bad as that may sound...ha
so i also got a little chiffon top and another grey sweater incase i get cold..and like that, i had an outfit! did it cost more than planned? yes...but these pants will last a while (and really, i needed to get new dress pants anyways), and i live in sweaters in the fall and there! its justified...
in the end, i guess a little number does matter, maybe more than i would like..hmmph

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