Thursday, July 16, 2009

well folks...

its that time of the year again...
no, not christmas...
not halloween either...
this sunday is my 22nd BIRTHDAY!!
(i totally just skipped a year and originally wrote '23' lol oops)
my plans: leaving in about 2 hours to go camping for the weekend!! im hoping the rain stops soon..but the weather network says its not supposed to rain where we're going anyways...
last night, me and dylan went to the groceries. i had made a list and we made an 80$ budget to try and stick to--we figured $20 a person was a good price and if 1 or 2 more ppl came-it would be even cheaper..
boy did we stock up lol lets see:
4 2L 7ups (for vodka 7)-which were 4 for $5 thats why we got so many
2 2L lemonade containers, a case of water
5 bags of chips-yes 5 (for 1 full day and 2 nights of camping-there is 3 guys going afterall)
24 hot dogs
12 hamburgers
muffins, apples, danishes, oatmeal
and some other stuff thrown in...
total with tax: $ about good grocery shopping skills!

and of course, all the alcohol: 2 cases of beer, a 40 of vodka, and whatever else shows up! im sure ill have lots of pictures! and once we get back on sunday afternoon, dylan and i are going out to dinner with my parents...shall be a good weekend!

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