Thursday, July 16, 2009

and today, we shop

so this morning, my mom and i headed to the states to do a little shopping-walden galeria-decent mall and only about an hour and a bit away.
we didnt buy anything,, sad, sad day lol buuuuttt we did have another fantastic lunch at the cheesecake factory-that place never disappoints!! :)

what i did find at bebe (which totally isnt my kinda store for the most part) was pretty much exactly what i have been looking for. the most fun, sexy, go out and have a good time kinda skirt!!
the picture wont upload, and im not cool enough to know to do that whole link the webpage thing lol so here's the site...
any of the 3 colors are FAB!
then, coming back across the border, the guy asks us what we bought, how much we spent, yada yada yada, and my moms says $25 lol and he goes "thats it from the hilton sisters?" lol very flattering, thanks sir haha and we were on our way....


Dionne said...

What a fun skirt! I love it. I love how you cross the border to shop!

Bree said...

well, what can i say-the dollar is good and macys always has tonnes of sales! ;)

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