Monday, July 27, 2009

garden party..and other thoughts.

last night, my friend diana had the 2nd annual girls 'garden party'..shes got a cute little backyard, our girlfriends get together, we all bring food and hang out.
we had veggies and dip, salsa and chips, sandwiches with all the fixings, salad, pasta salad! we were so stuffed! then for dessert i made sex in a pan! amazing..and my other friend made canollis..they were dandy, seeing as ive never had one before.
we hung out all night and ate, and talked-and even played a boardgame...'loaded questions'-which is really just a game of random questions and answers and you get to know more about everyone, it was rather fun lol

(note: pic taken from low angle, giving extreme double chin illusion; also note: garden party is indoors due to terrible rainy weather)

on another note: work was totally dead today, and there was a lot of standing around and chatting..not really complaining for getting paid for not doing much, however, it makes for a liiitle bit of a long day-also; my shift during the week was cancelled due to the store being so i have 5 days off lol what the heck am i gonna do for 5 days?!?

PS: bachelorette finale--poor kyp, reid-well i liked him, but it was a little late, and ed-well i think theyre good. the end was cute when they were talking, they seemed happy, but so does everyone 3 minutes after they get engaged lol

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