Monday, July 27, 2009

back to the busy city(& not toronto...)

last minute plans....

my mom and i decided to go to NYC next week (during her vacation) ! yay, im obvi super excited, as its my fave place!!! we checked out megabus, some flights and what not and i talked her into driving..i knew it would be the cheapest way and i actually love being the it should take us about 8 hours or so, and were gonna leave monday morning around 6am..and come back either thursday or friday-thats the bonus of not flying or taking a bus-if we want to stay another night, WE CAN!
(pic taken 2 years ago, from AX store in Columbus Circle)
Maybe i can finally pick up my marc by marc jacobs purse i want..seeing as i havent been back to toronto in a while to get it at holt renfrew..and im sure there will be some other shopping, as im still looking for a dress for the wedding in novemer...
countdown is on..t minus 6 days

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Dylan said...

I'm gonna miss you baby!

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