Friday, July 17, 2009

Betsey Johnson sample sale

just a few days ago, i got an email saying there was a betsey sample sale happening in NYC..for 3 days (wed-fri).dammit!
evening dresses for $75!?! um hello...
and what does dylan say? "its only an 8 hour drive, i can take work off?" lol what a good bf haha
seriously tho-i was really considering going...yaaa
now, honestly, im not usually a huge fan of too many of her dresses, but last week while in toronto with my mom, we went in (im looking for a dress to wear to a wedding in november).

i must have tried on 10 or 15 dresses-and let me tell you, ones that looked awful on the hanger turned out to be amazing! i was in awe of every one of the dresses i tried on. every single one fit like a glove and i wish i could bought them all!! theres a certain style im looking for-50s type dress, the kind that puffs out, but just above the knee-

i had pretty much narrowed it down to 2 dresses-one was the exact style i had wanted, it was silk and soft, and flowly and love! the other i had originally tried in black but needed a smaller size so i tried it on in blue to see how it fit and kind of loved it too-this one was more fun and bright.

what reminded me of this? well, i just got an email saying today is the last day :(
good news: i can still order them even if the store sells out of them. phew.
why i didnt buy one on the spot: well i couldnt make up my mind, and because its still so far away, i know more fall options will be coming out soon...


Asha McGarrell said...

Hi. Just found your blog through 20sb. Have a good weekend! Happy early birthday!!!

Bree said...

thank you! its always nice to meet new blog friends! :)

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