Monday, May 4, 2009

the post with no title..

today has been a great day so far-sun is shining and the perfect temperature.
woke up, took my time getting ready while watching regis and kelly & the tyra show.
then i took chloe for a walk and on the way back, stopped at the park and sat in the grass for half an hour or so. she met a few dogs, ran around like a mad woman and played fetch with a stick on her own. by the end of it, she was just laying in the grass, full of leaves, panting, and ready for a nap. i went back home, made her a kong with peanut butter and headed out to get myself some lunch. i just love the sandwiches/paninis from whole foods... theyre amazing.
i also have this thing for spring rolls lately, so i got a little premade package of them too..not frozen, made fresh! yumm
i already ate my panini for a late lunch at about 3, so in a bit when i get hungry, ill throw those rolls in the toaster oven!

on another note, dylan starts summer school tonight!! have fun! dont meet toooo many girls ;)
also: his birthday is in 7 days, on the 11th
also: the hills is on tonight-but there seems to be equal parts commercials and show-which sucks
also: our lovely little nyc getaway is now 28 days away.

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Dylan said...

also: you're amazing.

"stopped at the park and sat in the grass for half an hour or so."

The thought of a pretty girl sitting in the grass enjoying the sunshine - amazing - your golden hair & pearl smile. I wish I was there with you today. I miss you already, I can't wait to see you on Thursday my Love.

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