Sunday, May 3, 2009

lazy day afternoon

today was everything a sunday should be...waking up around 10, watching 3 movies in bed with dylan, him ordering the pann-normous (spelling?) pizza from pizza hut at about 1130am haha. it was great, he just left tho-on his way back home--dylan starts summer school tomorrow!! yay for him!! he's pretty darn excited.

yesterday was a great day too--we went down queen street looking at all the textile and bead stores-so many options! we were out for a majority of the afternoon and then came home for a bit and then headed back out with jesse (who is leaving in the next week or so)! we went on over to java house (i think?) we got there maybe at like 8..started with some small food-like grilled cheese and fries for dyl, spring rolls for me and noodles for jesse. oh and of course, like guys, they got beer. not to mention dylan was drunk before we even left lol yaaa :S and then they got more beers, and another, and then convinced me to get a drink and join in..normally i dont drink, i dont like the taste of much and would much rather save that money for clothes or purses :P lol

--so i got the paralyzer and it was pretty good.. then we started to order some shots, well only 2 each-one was a surprise which ended up being some blue baileys mint thing, and then another one..there was also a plate of nachos in there somewhere. we talked about going out to visit jesse in halifax and remembering times in mohawk college-where we all originally met.

by the time we got out of there, it was about time flew by. we walked home, all of us having to pee exceptionally bad!! lol we got back to my place, watched 'just friends' at 2 am, which is hilarious, and then at 4am jesse headed home...geez long day and late night!!

gotta love my 'wonk' eyes-theyre about to close : ps , i dont wear sweaters that large, its dylans and it was cold. pss dylan doesnt normally roll his pants like that with high socks, he was plaing hackie sac :P

and now, im sitting here, 6pm on a sunday night..
waiting for real housewives of NYC..mmhm LOVE IT !
and im trying to find a cool place to go for dinner for dylans bday..its on the 11th
its harder than it seems...

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