Saturday, May 23, 2009

saturday yard sales

there has been a sign in the hallway of my house for a few weeks now.. saying you know, hey neighbours, we're having a garage sale on may 23..etc.. so i assumed it was someone in the house. it started at 8, and i woke up early today on my own, at like 730, say what?! why?? lol i opened my living room blinds, and saw that it was actually the couple across the street having the sale. theyre so sweet, they have 2 young kids, maybe 7 and 10, and 2 big labs-who chloe is a little scared of, but also interested in.

i went out to take chloe for her pee and they were all set up, with a lot of people already looking at the stuff (it was just after 8 by then). when i walked by, the husband was like, oh i have something for you! and he showed me to two harness type things that they used on their dogs when they were puppies-so he said for me to try it to see if i wanted it. i took her around the corner for her pee with it on and then came back and he gave it to me, free!! thanks! i looked around at the rest of the stuff and saw a cute pink mug with teal inside-super nifty! (did i just say nifty?) i asked the mom how much, and she just said, ohh take it! and just minutes before, she had put out cake and cookies for the people who come by. so as i took my new mug, she put a cookie in...theyre sweet, im tellin ya.. i think i make it sound like theyre old lol theyre not, ide say in their 30s. ha

ive decided this will be my new morning coffee cup. instead of the plain white ones-which i will continue to use, oddly enough i dont really use regular glasses, i always pour my drinks in my coffee cups-probably because theyre right there hanging in my face in my kitchen-easy access.

my lovely free mug and cookie...yummmm

its probably my imagination, but i see a little heart in my mug there..i swear, i see them everywhere...

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Dylan said...

That's a really cool mug - you're incredibly sexy.

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