Saturday, May 23, 2009


-9 days until nyc...

hello little blue tiffanys i love thee...♥
blurry--but oh so in love.. ha cheesy

we had decided to buy each other rings...

dyl and his tough as nails titanium (coin edge) ring..

-mine was the tiffany somerset

i love love love my ring..every time the sun is out, it just sparkles like crazy, and i just stare lol we picked eachothers rings, he's got pretty good taste.. lucky me ! we had planned it ahead of time before we went to new york, so we kind of just walked in and pointed to the rings and it was pretty quick haha i think the lady was a little surprised..we just needed to try on sizes..i think originally we had planned, or at least for me, to wear it on the left hand, buuut with my tiny fingers, even the smallest was a little too big. and because the ring is like a weave style, it couldnt be sized..but luckily my right hand finger was just that little bit bigger and it fits!! wooo...dylans was a pretty easy fit-hes scratched his up quite a bit, but hes a guy i long as he wears it! needless to say, i love tiffanys, i love the boxes, the sparkles, the diamonds, oh the diamonds... :) it was a must for me to keep the bag and boxes and tie the ribbon back up, so we had to hide them in the suitcase to go back across the border...even though i have a tiffanys very close to me in toronto that we could have gotten them at, we both thought it would be nice to get them in new york, have something to look forward to, and remember that time.
cant wait for this trip!!

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