Wednesday, April 29, 2009

some new things...

1. i got a lot more burnt than i thought on sunday..moslty just my chest, my face is a nice color, and my legs are a liiiitle tan, and my arms, well..white bc i had a sweater on...

2. my mom learned how to text! ha
she sent me a text when they were on their way to get me and dylan on monday night "we are on spadina dundas this is fun" lol although it took her 10 minutes to write that haha
3. i decided to get a little crafty and buy some stuff to make my own headbands..
bought some cheap headbands from the dollar store and everything else from michaels
i just finished wrapping one in satin ribbon..must say, for a first attempt, its not bad. :P
anddd i think thats it for now... :)

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