Sunday, May 17, 2009


may 2-4 weekend is almost over.
but that means that tonight is fireworks (unless it rains-so it better not!)
this will be me and dylans 3rd year going together-i think we can now start to call it a "tradition" lol
like last year, dylan said it was our tradition, but i dont think a 2nd time counts as that, but this year, yes lol and the many years to come..
but fireworks are awesome.
the only 'not fun' part is leaving the park with the other tens of thousands of people-total chaos.
butttt-we're prepared for tonight--we'll grab a blanket, some drinks from home, our big bag of candy that we bought yesterday at bulk barn (mmm wayy too much, but i imagine we wont have a problem finishing it tonight lol) and a book for each of to read while we grab a good seat and wait for the sky to light up.

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