Friday, May 15, 2009

birthday boy

so it was dyls bday on monday--the big 2-3!! yikes, getting up there...i realized i hadnt posted any pics..we were gonna go out to dinner in toronto and i had a limit of about $100, but then we decided to come back home to hamilton and find a place here..proved harder than we thought..naming place after place, looking at online menus and reviews, we couldnt think of anything. then dylan had an idea-why not go to the casino for the buffet, and then spend the remainder of the money i had allotted for dinner at the casino--because i absolutely cant justify spending more than like $5 at the casino-terrible waste!! seeing as i was already planning on spending that money, it sounded like a plan, and besides, it was his birthday!

so dinner was $40-cant get better than 20 bucks for a buffet, and then we had about 60$ for the casino.

the evening started off simple getting ready at my parents, then bringing my sleeping stuff to his apartment and then he got ready there..i had heels on, but was sure to bring flats in my bag..well by the time we walked from my car to his apartment before we even went out, my feet were not having it. its a good thing i had my flats in my bag right? um no. bc when i left toronto, i grabbed two different shoes-see theyre both leopard and i was packing at like 6am and they look very similar--not only that, they were both left feet!! DOH!

shoot-so now i have to go home and get another pair of shoes-most of which are in toronto-luckily i had a comfy pair of heels to wear.

anyways---it was time for dyl to open his gifts--a tshirt and a bracelet-nothing major, he's got a lot. i also wrapped his gifts in newspaper--for the environmentalist that he is ;) he liked his stuff, and then we were off to get me some more shoes, and then to the casino

so the buffet was OK--i mean the food was good, there just wasnt a whole lot of selection..but the dessert section kicked ass!! 9 plates between the 2 of us..embarassing? i think so lol then we wandered on out to the casino--spotted deal or no deal slots and decided that was our game!! it was awesome actually-i put in $20, and a few minutes later cashed out at 77$, put in abother 20 and cashed out at about 62$. then played a little more, and we split out winning and both walked out with about $45..not too shabby..ill be back for that game another time!!!

so that was our pics in the casino--privacy policy--boo for that..we ended up back at dylans place, playing darts, putting holes in the walls, making him and his room mate run for cover when i throw a dart-who knows which direction it will go lol all in all, it was a good night.

another year older!.

bc who doesnt take car pictures??

and the intense concentration that goes into playing darts...(note: not my socks, or sweater, but they were comfy and warm)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY blog style!! LOVE YOU!! <3>

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