Thursday, April 16, 2009

today was another great day ! woke up, got myself ready and went out with chloe. i power walked to the stairs, then once i got to the top, took a walk around for a bit, then went and did the stairs another 3 times. thennn, i did something ive never been good at..i jogged for most of the way home! granted, its only about a 10 minute walk, but for me to run that far, thats an accomplishment!! and boy was chloe tired..overall, we were out for about an hour. this was 5 hours we got home, and she's barely woken up! i also did some squats last night and today, figure i would throw some of those in there ;)

oh, and another great thing, 8 minute abs on youtube, its gotta be from like the 90's, but its pretty awesome. the guy keeps you motivated with an encouraging "come on gang" every 30 seconds lol i always feel better after i do that video. and who doesnt have 8 minutes?

so tomorrow, i think dylan is coming up, hopefully he doesnt get any last minute work from his boss : and tomorrow is going to be another glorious day, high of 18 apparently :) mayyybbee we can head over and try the new crepe place, well the place itself is not new, but new to us seeing as we havent been yet and i cant wait to try it !
for the rest of the night, i think im gonna read another chapter for my last exam, that i kinda missed reading like 2weeks ago, and probably read some more of my book and maybe if chloe wakes up, take her to the park again.
oh, and im kinda craving my capuccino frozen yogurt, like bad, but kind off too lazy to walk and go buy some :S
over and out

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