Wednesday, April 15, 2009


its here..the day..ive been waiting for a while...

my 3 papers are COMPLETE! ! !

wow, and BONUS, its a wednesday and its actually sunny, and warm ! :O whoaaa its gonna be like 14 or something..get out the sunglasses

im not completely out of the clear yet, ive got one more exam on the 23, but heck i need a break for today and tomorrow.

my plan for today: drop my paper off, take chloe for a walk around the neighbourhood, come back home and eat lunch, and then i think i might find a starbucks or second cup and just sit and read my new book..deluxe, how luxury lost its luster.

anyways, im watching regis and kelly and theyre talking about gmail..apparently there is a panic button (incase you didnt mean to send an email or something, and you have 5 seconds from the time you press send to hit the panic button, and it wont send) how sure a lot of people could use that lol

also, gmail also has a sobriety test lol to prevent people from sending those late night emails after a night out, that they might regret in the morning. if you wanna send an email, all you have to do is answer a few simple math problems, to prove youre thinking normally lol easy enough, you have to enable this setting those in order for it to work.. soo those are the two new things i learned about gmail today lol thanks regis and kelly ha

as for right now, im gonna get myself ready and enjoy my lovely, well deserved, relaxing day.
[picture: us last year on our way to the death cab concert on toronto island, until i have new pictures of us in the warm weather, ill have to use ones from last year-mostly bc i feel like posts with pictures are better :P- and hope that the weather comes soooonn!]

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Dylan said...

Let's go see a concert sooooooon <3

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