Monday, April 20, 2009

rainy days

another rainy day in the city..decided i would test out the scarf in the hair as a headband thing and i rather like it...anyways dylan decided to come up today even though its eco-fest :S shhh lol

he decided to bring me some flowers again and we went out for some dinner at jack astors bc we had a $25 gift card! yess all thanks to dyl not liking the food last time so we got $50 and already spend the other $ we order the pan agarlic bread and 2 caesar salads..a few minutes later the waiter comes by and says there was a mix up in the kitchen and our bread hadnt been put through yet, so it wont be on the bill! right on, we werent even waiting more than like 5 we got free food with free money! lol we're awesome, so then we got some dessert after too. not to mention it was the worst walk ever there and back! it is so windy and raining and the umbrella just wasnt having it..inside out, upside down, all over the place. it was also COLD compared to the weekend :( boo to that. thank goodness its not a far walk

so we got home, all wet and not we're laying in bed, with CSI on (of course) and im about to finish my 19, yes 19, page review for my exam.

1 comment:

Dylan said...

All in all, fabulous day with a beautiful woman. Didn't even notice the rain ;)

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