Wednesday, April 22, 2009


not dreams about the future, dreams, that you have at night, when you're sleeping. well i have them everynight, but my exam is on my brain, so thats what i dreamt about last night...ok so my exam tomorrow is 66 multiple choice questions (60%) and 2 essay questions (20% each=40%) but yesterday i was looking at the exam from a few years ago and it was the same MC but instead of 2 essays it was 5 short in my dream the two were put together!

anyways, im there writing this exam with like 100 MC questions, 2 long essays AND 5 short answers, all in the regular time frame of 2 hours--needless to say i couldnt finish and i was freaking out!! the only good thing about it was that i was finding the MC easy and not difficult..hopefully thats a sign :S i woke up quite relieved.
my day plan for today: finish off reading my review then look at the exam from a few years ago, pick my answers (the right answers are put at the end) and see how i make out. ill probably take chloe out too if its not raining (---ahh she just threw up, RIGHT NOW, just some yellow spit--dont worry, i got her to the floor and off the carpet in time ) and other than that, just keep studying bc im so close now--like 31 hrs away from being done close!!
as for yesterday, i went to starbucks for a bit of reading-bc when youre there, you basically have to study right? like at home-theres the tv, internet, chloe, food, so many i hung out there for a bit then on my way home stopped at the mall-checked out costa blanca for some cute things for NYC-40days-i tried on a bunch of skirts, but didnt care for any of them. and then i got dylan a little something for his birthday from...:O i cant say! mostly bc he's the only one that reads this blog lol but hopefully he likes it.
thats all for now i days are pretty boring lately, i know, its true. but like i said, tmrw afternoon I AM FREE!! wooooo

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