Wednesday, April 1, 2009

procrastination sucks!

yep, it sure does
here we are, another wednesday (and surprise, surprise, its raining again!)
the day my project is due, and im still working on it! ahhhh
well im almost done, just about a page more, updated bibliography (oh how i dread these) and then edit.
i might have been done last night, if i didnt go out for nachos and sangria..but sometimes you need a break!! not a biggie, its just after 9 right now and i have till 6 to finish. but im aiming to be done for about 230 so i dont miss my 3 oclock class--i feel so guilty missing classes :
that being said, i should probably get back to working on it.
my mind seems to be racing right now, i have so much to say and i wrote about 3 pages in a matter of an hour! thank god, i certainly dont wanna work on it all day)

so with that being said, IM OFF and as of 8 tonight, my weekend is here once again

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