Monday, March 30, 2009

my day is looking up already

so i know its only been like 4 hours since my last post :S lol buut my day has already gotten better...not that it was really a bad day to start..
first off..i won a free coffee at tim hortons with my free coffee that i already had, which i won with another free coffee.which i think i won from another free follow that? ha anyways i think ive won like 4 free coffees in a row now or something
next off, i get to class, we watch this really sad movie about a guy who documents his sufferring with aids (silverlake life: the view from here)..not pleasant at all, although it was a good movie.

however, looking on the brighter side of things, we got our test back that we had written like over a month ago!! and i got an 84% !!! woo hoo for me.
then i walked out of class and the grey clouds from this morning were going away and the sun is slowly trying to come out

well thats all for now, im pretty hungry, LUNCH TIME

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