Thursday, December 17, 2015

ottawa road trip...

after waking up early the morning after the potluck (hello too much wine), i kind of mulled around picking at leftovers and looking at the disaster that was our kitchen. soon after, dylan stumbled out from the bedroom. as i was sitting on the couch eating left over cake, i was thinking about making a day trip somewhere since my parents had chloe. turns out dylan had the same idea and we decided make our way to ottawa. after quickly getting ourselves ready and ditching the dishes, we were gone by 10am. 

an essential. 

we really didn't have too much time once we got there, but we did get to see the beautiful 13 minute light show displayed on parliament. after that and a little window shopping, we thought what the heck, we're close enough. let's cross over to quebec and go to the casino.  once we quickly lost the little money we gave ourselves, we found a poutine place because duh, we were in quebec, we needed poutine! after stuffing ourselves silly, we were back on the road by about 8pm, getting us home around 12:30 am and making me very tired the next day at work. 

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