Thursday, August 20, 2015

broken ankle...

this past weekend was dylan's brother's bachelor party. dylan was joking around saying, "he's going to end up in the hospital if i have anything to do with it!" well, someone ended up in the hospital, but it wasn't his brother. they started their bar hopping around 7pm and the night was going great. around 11pm, dylan tripped on a curb and though he hurt his ankle pretty badly and decided to call it a night and head back to his parents to stay the night. he was texting me the next morning that he was super sore, he couldn't really move it, etc. i think we both assumed it was a bad sprain and i was telling him to keep it elevated and take some meds. when he tried to stand up and go to the washroom and realized he couldn't put weight on it, he decided to go to the hospital with his mom and get it checked out.

after the xrays, he texted me that was actually broken. and broken so badly that he needed surgery. they put a temporary cast on it and he waited for the surgery call on monday. i met him at his parents to see him in all his pitiful glory. on noon on monday, he got the call that they were ready for him to come down and fix that ankle up. about an hour and a half after he was wheeled in, the doctor came out and told us everything was done and it all went well. so now dylan has a plate and 6 (i think) screws in his ankle, can't put any weight on it for at least 6 weeks, and is off work for who knows long. the doctor wrote down 3-6 months, but we're really hoping it's not that long.

in pretty good spirits considering.
 surgery is done and ready to go home!

unsurprisingly, he's in quite  a bit of pain, but he seems to be doing well. i think it will get a lot harder in the coming weeks when he starts getting a little bored and feeling much better, but still unable to walk on it. it's hard right now too because he's unable to do a lot of things on his own. even getting up off the couch with one leg is proving rather difficult, so i've been playing nurse trying to do everything i can to make him comfortable. we're just taking it day by day.

who would have thought that tripping on a curb could lead to a broken ankle requiring surgery??? doesn't make for a very exciting story.

watch your step!

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