Friday, May 8, 2015

italy bound...

i can't even believe that just over two months has come and gone and we are now on our way to italy TONIGHT!! i somehow have to get through work today; i'll be there physically, but i'm mentally checked out already! either way, i plan on leaving around 3 to give us lots of time to get to the airport.

we packed everything on tuesday evening just to make sure it would all fit and we wouldn't be stuck last minute thinking, 'oh crap, we need more luggage.' we decided to go with a large travel backpack instead of dragging a suitcase around, and we're hoping it's easier. i say we as if i'll be the one carrying one - not so! we both surprised ourselves by the fact that we were able to pack 9 days worth of stuff for the both of us in that bag. i'm definitely not a light packer and i really didn't hold back. granted, it's pretty darn heavy, and i could only stand up for the 3 seconds it took to get the picture before it pulled me backwards, but it's all in there and well within the weight limit.


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