Monday, October 6, 2014

this weekend...

this weekend we: played board games with some friends, went to a bar and continued to play board games there (because it was a rainy night and therefore empty), picked up the new iphone6 for me, went out to dinner, went to nuit blanche, went to another bar, went out for brunch and wandered the city, and finally relaxed on the couch reading a book and watching boy meets world.
 a perfectly timed photo that makes me laugh every time. tony looks like he's taking a selfie and sending it to his friends asking, "man, what the heck happened last night?!"
 after months of dealing with the worst battery life on my iphone 5 (if you bought your phone between september 2012-january 2013, you might be eligible for a free battery replacement), i decided to buy out what i had left on that phone and i was able to snag the new iphone 6.
 still getting used to the phone being bigger, but so far i love it.
gold status.
 a delicious brunch on a patio on a fall day. perfect.
a walk through the beautiful park. 

and now it's monday, unfortunately. it's such a gloomy day, and i have to leave in 15 minutes, and i'm still in my pajamas. so,  is it 5pm yet??


Amy said...

I just got the 6 a couple weeks ago, it took so long to adjust to the size! I also upgraded because of battery... on my 4s haha

looks like a great weekend, that cat selfie is amazing!

Amanda said...

That tree is beautiful!

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