Tuesday, September 16, 2014

camping at the pinery...

please remind me to never again go camping in september, especially when it's been a cooler summer. on friday evening, we arrived at our campsite at the pinery where our other friends already had a nice roaring fire going. even though it was pitch black already, lucky for us we just have one of those little pop-up tents that you literally throw and voila, it's ready! once that was done, we settled around the fire and tried to get warm because it was freezing!!

the days only reached highs of 13C and the nights went to about 8C. about 1am, i hit the sac when it started to lightly rain. but the worst was yet to come. around 5am i woke up and it was absolutely pouring. after falling back asleep, i woke again about 7 and me and dylan made the short drive to the bathroom (yes, we drove the 1 minute) to try and stay dry. once there, we thought, hey since we can't make coffee because we can't get a fire in the rain, let's go in to town and hit up a tim hortons and grab a box of coffee. once in town, we decided to stop for a nice warm breakfast at a small restaurant while all our friends were still sound asleep in the rain. we grabbed a box of coffee and headed back and woke everyone up.

we spent the rest of the afternoon stuck in tents; we played cards against humanity (love it), and then everyone played risk while i went back to our tent to read and nap because i hate that game. long story short, no one had much energy left the second night, and we called it an early night. we all spent the weekend cold and damp. granted, the rain did break here and there, but not for too long.

a break in the rain! checking out the grounds.
2nd place in cards against humanity, thank you very much. picture courtesy of our gopro in a pocket in the roof of the tent!

on sunday morning, it started clearing up, so after cleaning up our campsite, we took a walk to see the beach that we couldn't use.

while it wasn't a terrible time, the coldness didn't make it the best. we were prepared with lots of sleeping bags and blankets, but i'll still pass on september camping trips from here on out.

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