Wednesday, August 6, 2014


for as long as i can remember, i've loved reading. sometimes i'm flying through books and at other times, i may only get through 1 in a month, but it's pretty rare that i'm never not reading something. one of the things i cannot wait to have in our house one day is a library (it can be small, doesn't even matter!) with a rolling ladder. that is what dreams are made of.

i love goodreads to keep track of what i've read, what i want to read, and also to make suggestions. i got a few books for my birthday, and then with a gift card i bought a few more. then i decided to go through dylan's bookshelf and grab a few that i've been wanting to read, which leads us to the pile below. my goal is to get these finished by the end of the year (lawyers gone bad is my 13th book this year and is what i'm currently reading; hopefully i'll be done by today or tomorrow. 13 is actually my original goal on goodreads, but maybe i'll amend that.) which shouldn't be too hard considering i only have 1.5 weeks of school left (!!) and so my focus will no longer be on homework and reading textbooks.
a good mix, but mostly true crime/legal dramas.

a couple of days after i took the above picture i remembered one last book i wanted to add to my pile. written by 2 people, this is a story within a story. the book is fictional and along all the margins are handwritten notes between two people. when it comes time to reading this, i'll have to figure out the best a page and go back and read the dialogue between the two? read a whole chapter then go back? we'll see.

there's also a lot of loose material added between the pages, like maps, postcards, and old notes. i think it should be a pretty cool read. (a little more about it here)

any other recommendations for me?

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daniela said...

Oooh I'm looking forward to book recos from you! And for you to finish the Galbraith book(s)! :))

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