Tuesday, August 12, 2014

a shout-out...

...to dylan. for working so hard, especially lately. this past week he clocked 80.5 hours and has regularly been working ~55-60 hours/week in the last week weeks. now, not all of this is straight working, some is overtime pay, but his hours have been crazy and we've kind of been on opposite schedules. he's been starting mid-afternoon lately (usually a nights guy), working anywhere from 8-12 hours, getting home, going to bed, and getting up and doing it all over again with time for breakfast and coffee in between. and don't forget to add travel time in there too, going from home to the shop at work, getting his work truck, and then heading out to where ever the job may be that day/night, and then back again.

so thanks dyl. keep on keepin' on and being the best in the biz ;)
we (that's me and our fluffy daughter) love you :)

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