Monday, July 7, 2014

the pie commission...

by the time friday rolls around,  our fridge is nearly empty and food in the cupboards is sparse. add in that i get home from school around 4:30 and our dinner options are typically limited. we had tried the pie commission a few weeks ago and loved it, and since we had to go out to do a few errands anyways, we went on our merry way to go see them for dinner again.

this place is a short drive from downtown and tucked away behind some buildings, but once you see their signage, you can't miss them. the shop itself is super tiny, with room for only a handfull of people. previously, we had gotten the frozen pies and cooked them at home, but this time we ate on the small patio and enjoyed the nice night. the great thing is that when you receive your pies, they're not steaming hot, so you can dig right in. and if you don't order fries, they come in this handy sleeve that allows you to hold it with your hands and just eat it like a burger.
yes, they are bloody good pies.

i went with the only chicken option, which is the butter chicken. it definitely has a little bite to it, but there's a sweetness in the perfectly flaky and buttery crust that balances it out. it's filled with all white meat chicken breast, chickpeas, cauliflower, and peas. dylan got the braised beef rib pie and he says it's incredible. he has pretty high standards for food, so that's sayin' something!

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daniela said...

Mike's been talking about "making me a meat pie" but I told him we should try this place first haha Now I super want to try it. Immediately.

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