Friday, July 25, 2014

a kiss for 27...

the one thing i didn't post about my birthday was one of the gifts my parents got me, errr, rather made me. i had opened my gifts (a housecoat, pajamas, wine, some candy) and i thought that was it. but then my dad went and grabbed one last thing...

say what?!
a giant hershey's kiss!
delicious ice cream cake.

inside of the 'kiss' was a rice krispie square that my parents had made and dad molded and then they dipped in melted chocolate. you should know that hershey's kisses are one of my favorite chocolate treats (and m&m's); put a bag in front of me and i will eat it all. it's my kryptonite.  inside the white paper that sticks out, they had rolled some cash money! now i just have to find something special worth pending my birthday money on.

1 comment:

daniela said...

Lucky girl! Your parents are so clever & creative!!

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