Thursday, June 5, 2014

welcome to...


no wait, i haven't gone anywhere! just another prop for a movie right here in toronto. it's for an adam sandler movie, pixels, and it seems they've brought a whole whack of props to cover up toronto. for those familiar with the downtown area and care to maybe see them filming, it will be going on from 7pm-6:30am on adelaide, from university to yonge, today and tomorrow, and then monday and tuesday. they've even covered some of the toronto street signs and put up nyc ones. there's also hot dog carts, newspaper boxes, mailboxes, garbage cans, etc. apparently, even though there are signs on the mailboxes saying that they're fake and not to put mail in, people have plopped their mail in. hopefully people aren't mailing anything too important.
 stairs to nowhere. 
one of the multiple subway stations along adelaide. 

personally, i would be way more excited to see them filming suits (obsessed with this show, and it comes back next week!!). the subway station above is actually right in front of where they do the majority of the filming for the show - the bay adelaide centre - which is where their law firm is. dylan has been lucky enough to see the fabulously arrogant mr. harvey specter, but i haven't had the same luck just yet.

even if we don't make it to nyc this year, at least a little bit of it has come to me ;)

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