Wednesday, June 25, 2014

interview ready...

today is the day i have been stressing out over for the last week. i wrote about attending a dinner (here) at one of toronto's leading law firms with 4 other students from my class, along with a some other students from about 4 other schools, in honour of our achievements. i found out last week that of the 5 of us that attended the dinner, they've narrowed it down to 3 who will be interviewed for the placement and i'm one of them! from the interview, they will then select only 2 of us who will do the placement with them. for the 1 person who doesn't go to this firm, another great place is already set up that doesn't require an interview.

all that to say, the interview is at 11am today! needless to say, i'm absolutley freaking out. i've been researching the firm and looking at some of their recent cases, but i'm just afraid i'll completely blank out. i'm trying to remain calm by telling myself that they want us, they chose us, and this is mostly to see if they think we will be a good fit for the 2 weeks of placement in august. and if not, well there's another great place all ready to go.

*fingers crossed*

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