Wednesday, April 16, 2014

high in the sky...

monday afternoon was such a weird day. it was absolutely pouring on my walk home and once i dried off, i kicked my feet up and laid on the couch for a bit. then i looked out our balcony door and noticed that this crazy fog was literally rolling in. it was quite odd to watch it moving that fast.

living above the fog.

the fog separated fort york below and the city across the water making for a pretty cool photo, i think.

it's kind of what i imagine the fog to be like in san francisco. also, did you know that the city has actually named it? 'karl the fog' is for real and he's all over twitter and instagram and i just find it hilarious.


daniela said...

That's crazy! I had no idea it was even foggy on Monday haha But you're pictures are sooo sooo nice!

The Thrifty Book Nerd said...

You took some really good photos!

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