Thursday, April 10, 2014

chanel cat-eye...

a couple of months ago, we were at the mall and stopped in at a sunglasses store. i randomly picked up a pair i liked, without even looking at the brand, tried them on and kind of fell hard. i looked and saw "chanel" and sadly put them back on the shelf. dylan asked how much they were and i became even more sad. they've been on my mind the last few months, but i knew how ridiculous the price was.

fast forward to me receiving a bursary at school (outstanding academic achievement! thankyouverymuch!) and with a little convincing from dylan, i knew what i was getting with that money. saying that, see how it's always dylan influencing the big purchases?! the bursary only covered half, so dylan put in the rest. best boyfriend ever, i think.

enjoying the sun on the balcony, not doing my essay last night. don't worry, only a little break, it got done.

they're part of the prestige 2013 collection and the arms are 18 (or maybe 22, i can't remember) carat gold plated and the rim is galuchat leather. dylan was at a cafe yesterday, telling his buddy about them, and a girl in line interrupted them saying, "excuse me, i couldn't help but overhear, did you say gold and galuchat leather?! you are talkin' my language!" ha!

opulent? yes. but i'm kind of obsessed. 
thanks dyl! :)

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Jennifer said...

They are BEAUTIFUL and look stunning on you!! I'm a little jelly ;)

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