Monday, March 17, 2014

slam dunk...

as i've mentioned before, i'm not big into sports, but since moving to toronto i've now been to a few sports games. on friday, i got to add another 'first sports game' to my list - a basketball game. a friend had asked if we wanted to go with her and her boyfriend and we made it into a good night out. we went out for dinner and drinks then headed over to watch the raptors play. afterwards, we came back to our place and had a few more drinks before deciding where to go. on the suggestion of another friend, we headed to a place called "the boat". when we walked in, i immediately noticed there a lot of men there. turns out that it was "pride disco" night. i read afterwards that the second friday of every month is pride night, or something. regardless, the music was fantastic and we danced the night away until we couldn't anymore. we then headed back to our place and we all kicked off our dancing shoes and passed out.

and of course, the raptors won. go toronto!

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